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UCPath Deployed Projects

Below is a list of recently deployed UCPath initatives.  For additional information on a particular initative, inluding support tools, please click on the initative name. 

UCPath GL & SCT Redesign - November 2023

    About: The goal of the UCPath GL Redesign is to reduce the complexity of UCPath and to leverage the applicable tools to generate more consistent and accurate GL data. Employees should expect smaller projects that fall under the larger UCPath GL Redesign initiative.

    Top Deliverables:

    • Deliver long-term strategy & implementation plan to reduce UCPath complexities & leverage other applicable tools
    • Engage the Controller Strategic Committee throughout the various project phases to:
      • Understand GL current state challenges
      • Develop solution approach
      • Align on go-forward implementation plan
    • Redefine what UCPath is the system of record for
    • Scale back on UCPath customizations in order to serve as an HR/Payroll system and not a Financials system
    • Explore solutions of managing certain GL functions outside of UCPath
    • Locations will receive data in labor ledger quicker

    The goal of the UCPath SCT Redesign is to build a new Salary Cost Transfer Tool that meets business requirements and reduces current complexity when performing SCT-related entry (Direct Retro) and processing.

    This project will:

    • Create a custom Salary Cost Transfer Tool in UCPath that utilizes the Labor Ledger data directly
    • Develop a modular design framework that separates required SCT functionality into smaller, more manageable components integrated together into a single solution
    • Generate GL payroll accounting transactions
      • Provide summary and detail labor ledger results generated from a single source
      • Maintain ability to support multiple ledgers and COAs
    • Generate Assessments
      • Calculate Assessments and CBR after summary and detail labor ledger results are generated
      • Separate assessments (GAEL, VLA, CBR, etc.) into individual programs
    • Transfer Costs
      • Transfer costs based on a complete transaction (transaction includes assessment data)
        • Acts like a GL journal entry process
        • Reduce the amount of "re-calculation"
    • Generate Effort Information
      • Generate effort information after monthly SCTs are completed, results are finalized
      • Reduce reliance on UCPath data that is always changing

    Please go here to view a video of the upcoming changes to the SCT/Direct Retro Process

    Final Pay - TBD

    Top Deliverables:

    • Streamline and reduce the effort to complete final pay activities
    • Increase final pay accuracy by reducing manual entry and eliminating comment fields
    • Increase data integrity by using UCPath data to drive final pay
    • Improve leave, accrual and retirement accuracy (ensures rehired employees have accurate leave, accrual and retirement information)
    • Improve the Off-boarding process by:
      • Ensuring critical information is gathered such as employees personal email and home address (allows former employees to access UCPath for historical W-2 and pay information)
      • Improving pay accuracy by inactivating out-of-date additional pay and deductions (streamlines rehiring employees)
      • Improving employee information security by deactivating direct deposit accounts



    Modernize Job Data (Replace Paypath - Phase 1) - June 2023

    About: This project aims to deploy a modernized view and functionality of job data. 

    Top Deliverables:

    • Adds a new tile calling our new Manage Job functionality
    • Allows functional system transactors (with entry access) modernized options for data entry
    • Aligns system ability to future project functionality

    Annual PUM Upgrade - June 2023

    About: This project aims to enhance the user experience in UCPath by updating/enhancing certian view and functionality features.

    Top Deliverables:

    • Enhance user experience 
    • Deploy modernized functionality.

    Lived Name - June 2023

    About: This project aims to enhance the user experience in UCPath by providing employees the option to select a personal/preferred name, also known as their lived name.

    Top Deliverables:

    • Enable lived name to display on all UCPath pages where legal name is not required
    • Compliance with Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy
    • Meet legal obligations: UCPath is a human capital application structured around legal name to meet legal obligations and maintain transaction accuracy

    Improve Time Collection (Time & Labor) - May 2023

    About: Improve Time Collection aims to improve the UCPath time collection process by centrally collecting, managing, validating, and correcting UCPath time through delivered functionality (Time & Labor).

    Top Deliverables:

    • Simplify & improve custom time collection process with Oracle delivered solution
    • Simplify time correction; realize improvements in pay accuracy
    • Serve as foundation for UCPath Time Rule and Entry consolidation which will improve the employee experience using a modernized view
    • Improve leave and accrual management
    • Summarize time by earnings code to reduce performance issues

    Enhanced "Ask UCPath" Features - April 2023

    UCPath has updated support features using the Ask UCPath functionality via the UCPath online portal. These enhancements will improve user experience with streamlined design and a modern, more intuitive look and feel in addition to providing updated search options and knowledge articles.

    Additional features are available to those with expanded or "SOBO" access.

    When will the change occur?

    • April 17, 2023

    What will look different?

    • The page has been updated to include expanded search options, knowledge articles and streamlined processes for those with expanded "SOBO" access.

    What will remain the same?

    • The "Ask UCPath" icon accessible from the online UCPath dashboard will remain the same.

    Watch this video for more information about the change.