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UCPath Gender and Lived Name Enhancements

UCPath is advancing its efforts to align with the UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) policy by modernizing their online interface with updated terms that better capture gender identity and sexual orientation. Employees will also be able to designate their pronouns in UCPath.

When employees sign into UCPath on or after July 15, 2024, employees will be prompted to update their Self-Identification Details. All employees will be required to make selections for:

  • Gender Identity: Updated terms include options like Transgender Woman or Transgender Man. 
  • Sexual Orientation: New options include Asexual, and Gay and Lesbian selections are now distinct.  
  • Pronouns: This new feature allows an employee to designate their pronouns, which will be displayed in some UCPath pages alongside the employee’s name.

Employees must select an option for these fields (including decline to state, if desired) before they are able to access UCPath’s self-service functions.   

For guidance on how to voluntarily enter pronouns, gender identity, and sexual orientation information in UCPath, click here UCPath Voluntary Self-Identification.  For frequently asked questions, see the FAQ for Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, & Pronouns .

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