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Local Project Updates

UCPath Auto Termination

What is auto termination (referred to as "auto term")?

Employees in certain classifications will have their job records automatically terminated on the date indicated in UCPath. Once this occurs, the individual should stop performing services.

Which job classifications are subject to auto term?

  • Casual/Restricted Staff (non-academic)
  • Limited Staff
  • Contract Staff

How can I monitor job end dates?

UCPath Cognos has two reports to aid in monitoring job end dates

  • R-103 - Jobs Approaching End Date (jobs ending in the next 90 days)
  • R-384 - Escalation/Reminder of Approaching Job End Date (jobs ending within 10 days)

Gender Recognition & Lived Name Policy Implementation

What is the Gender Recognition & Lived Name Policy?

Gender identity is fundamentally personal, and the University of California should ensure that all individuals have university-issued identification documents and displays of personal identification information that recognize their accurate gender identity and lived name (first name, middle name and/or last name or surname). As a public research university, the collection of gender identity data is necessary for federal reporting and assessing gender equity. As such, this policy also provides guidance on the collection and reporting of gender identity, lived name and sexual orientation.

The full policy can be viewed here.

How is this policy being implemented at UC Merced?

UCPath is working to implement an iniative to collect and recognize an individuals lived/preferred name within the system, which will then populate in "down stream" system that utilize UCPath data.  Additionally, a GRLN team is working to implement the policy across the campus.  Please go here for more information on UC Merced's implementation plan. 

What date does the new policy need to be implemented by?

Dec. 31, 2023