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Payroll, Academic Personnel, Timekeeping, Human Resources


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What is UCPath?

UCPath is the University of California’s critical project to implement a single payroll, benefits, HR and academic personnel solution for all UC employees. UCPath will replace UC’s 35-year old Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) with a single new payroll and HR technology system, standardize and streamline payroll and HR processes systemwide and centralize certain HR/APO and payroll transactional processes within the UCPath shared-service center.

Why are we transitioning to UCPath?

Through both cost savings and cost avoidance, the UCPath Project will enable UC to provide HR and payroll operations at a lower cost than today. Studies have shown that as much as 20 percent of the university’s payroll/HR staff time is spent on problem resolution or rework.

By implementing UC-wide payroll and HR systems and transforming related business processes, it is estimated that the university could achieve long-term cost and efficiency savings of $31-$123 million annually.

Didn't we start working on UCPath years ago? What's different now?

The original approach of UCPath focused on installing the software that would support HR and payroll. Because of the differences in the way each campus and medical center performs these functions, it was quickly evident that UC locations would need to collaborate to define standard ways to do this work in order to see value from the technology. More than 100 business processes were reviewed and standardized. As each location converts to UCPath, it will adopt these process changes along with implementing the software tools.

Is the plan to really get all campuses and medical centers onto one system?

Yes, the UCPath Center will provide support to all UC locations by 2018. Full participation of all locations is necessary to ensure consistency of business processes across campuses and standardization in the quality and efficiency of services.

UCPath is just new software, right? Why is it such a big deal?

While its true that UCPath includes a software replacement for key functions like payroll and timekeeping, it's more than that.

In addition to standardized processes and new technology, UCPath will deliver a shared-services center to support routine employee benefits and payroll transactions. The UCPath Center, in Riverside, is already supporting UC Santa Cruz and UCLA with transactions in the legacy Payroll and Personnel System.

I'm a UC employee. What will change for me with UCPath?

At a very high level, UC employees will use UCPath self-service to view paychecks,  PTO accruals, enroll in benefits and complete other HR transactions.

UCPath is a huge project with many moving parts! Who is ultimately responsible for ensuring successful implementations at each location?

Accountability for successful "go lives" and institutionalization of the UCPath processes and procedures is shared by the UCPath Project team and each location's UCPath team, including steering and advisory committees.

How will I learn about what I may need to do differently and when?

Various communications will begin to go to employees, managers and HR professionals in the weeks and months leading up to the time UC Path goes live. Training will be provided to most users and reference guides will be available.

Where do I go if I still have questions about the transition to UCPath?

Visit You can also contact UCPath anytime with questions at

Who is part of the pilot for UCPath?

UCMerced, UC Riverside and possibly UCLA. 

What about appointments that are not paid?

All current appointment types will be available in the new UCPath system. There may, however, be some changes in how position types are managed.

What are the benefits of UCPath ?

UCPath will be a reliable, system-wide payroll HIS system. UCPath is the starting point for the modernization of our campus business system.

What if I choose to continue to received paper checks?

Starting January 1, 2018, paper checks will be mailed to your home address on file in the UCPath System. Paper paychecks will not be delivered to campus locations after December 2017. Checks will be mailed on payday and normal USPS delivery may take several days for delivery. 

How long will it take until I see my first direct deposit?

As soon as you are enrolled, it takes 2 pay cycles (approximately 30 days) for the enrollment process to complete.

So we strongly advise you start the direct deposit process as soon as possible! 


Where can I get my paper check when school is out during the holidays?

Biweekly Employees, the payday on Wednesday, December 27, 2017, will be during campus closure. We will be distributing paper checks at the Mondo Building, for both campus and Fresno employee. (No other payroll services will be available during campus closure other than paycheck distribution.)


Paper checks and paper earning statements will be distributed directly to the employee.

Who:         Biweekly Employees (must present a picture ID such as Driver’s License/CatCard)

What:       Biweekly Payday 12/27/17 paper checks & paper earning statements

When:      Wednesday, 12/27/17 between 10AM-12PM

Where:     Mondo Building (Downtown, 1715 Canal St. Merced, CA 95340)

Who can I email if I have any specific questions about Direct Deposit or UCPath in general?

For questions regarding UCPath, please email For AYSO assistance and the December 27, 2017 check distribution, please email

What is OnBase?

OnBase is a single information platform for managing content, processes and cases. Making it easier than ever to keep track information and making any type of process go through (almost) instantly. With Onbase, managing and distributing information from start to finish has never been easier.